Karaz Linen Cooperative Training Program

The cooperative is in partnership with local universities, by preparing distinguished cadres, and giving male and female students the opportunity for cooperative training in various departments through a program designed to prepare trainees and raise their skills in departments and sections with the aim of enhancing the quality of their outputs and identifying their capabilities to increase their employment opportunities with Karaz Linen and the Saudi market.

The trainees will undergo an integrated experience aimed at preparing them with institutional training to know the skills and competencies required to be developed and focus on them before starting the cooperative training to obtain the largest outputs that serve the objective of the training program. In addition to their work in the branches according to the spatial preferences of the trainees as much as possible, and the trainees are evaluated on a monthly basis according to their performance and to determine the strengths and competencies to be strengthened in order to obtain the highest evaluation. And if the cooperative training is in the sales department, the trainee will be able to get a reward when selling products.

The Karaz Linen Cooperative Training Program enhances the chances of the trainee obtaining a seat in the Karaz Linen Program for on job training, which is designed to link it to the “Tamheer” Program supported by the Human Resources Development Fund, so that the program period does not exceed 6 months from the start date, during which the trainee receives a financial reward according to completion Program requirements.

Eligibility terms:

The applicant for the program should be:

  • Saudi national.
  • That the records of Social Security and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development indicate that the applicant has not registered for any job during the previous three months.
  • He is not currently affiliated with any work.
  • Did not benefit from the program previously.
  • Get two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Commitment to work regulations inside the branches of Karaz Linen.
  • Pass the interview.
  • In some departments and sections, fluency in spoken and written English is a major requirement, according to the vacancy presented.

The required documents:

Cooperative training requirements are as follows:

  • A copy of the national identity card.
  • A copy of the academic record for the last semester, indicating the cumulative grade point average.
  • A letter from the university approving the cooperative training.

Apply for on cooperative training opportunities here